The Faces is an exclusive International kid modelling and management company, founded in 2021 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All children affiliated with us work exclusively for The Faces only. Because we are the only agency, we can therefore build a successful modeling career for these children. The main goal of The Faces is to acquire and manage all bookings and to help to create a portfolio for all children affiliated with us. In short: The Faces will completely unburden parents through our personal approach and the role of manager, without extra additional costs! Registration is free, but impossible if the child is already registered and/or registered at several agencies.



We know exactly what kids need in the model industry. Therefore, we strive to be the best support team for both the parents and our kid models. Our focus is on kid models, from toddlers until 18 years old. And we don’t follow the crowd nor the standards of what is normal in the industry but we are always looking for something extra.



The first and main focus of The Faces is on the inexperienced model. The model with a lot of potential to be successful. With our International client base, knowledge and support, we make models better than great! The Faces stands for quality and not quantity. This means that we will negotiate the best contracts and under the best conditions for all models affiliated with us, as well their accompanying parents. The advice to parents who want a lot of assignments; we will be a mismatch and will not be the right exclusive agency.



We have a National and International client base. Both clients and models are located abroad and domestic. We ensure that parents, wherever they are, are well informed and supported. A safe working environment for all our children is our main focus at all times! For that reason, a safe copy of proof of identity from either the parents or the child always follows upon registration. And we only work with recognized clients. The Faces doesn’t have a 9-5 mentality and we are there for 24/7 available. We find it important that communication is open and transparent at all times.

Maartje – Founder & Owner The Faces